The Party Skirt

Ok, don’t freak out, it is not really a skirt. It’s a dress with a “Blouson Top” attached (although they describe it as a top with a skirt attached). I don’t know what they were thinking because this skirt is fricking awesome all on it’s own. It is from Asos’s ASOS Curve line and is available in sizes 18 to 28 for $63.
I love the multicolored sequin skirt on this dress.
If it were really a skirt then you could mix it up with all the different colors found in the sequins. As it stands I can only see wearing it as is or with a jacket, perhaps cropped. What do you think?
A close up of all those sequins.
But seriously, all these multicolored sequins make my happy — they are sooo shiny!
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* Get your plus size sequin faux skirt dress from ASOS Curve

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