My first Sinful Colors nail polishes.

Sinful Colors

This past week I had the opportunity to try two new (to me) polishes by Sinful Colors. This was my first time using the econo-brand (less than $3) which offers an excellent array of colors choices. I picked up Gorgeous which is a light blue with a minute sparkle and Let’s Talk which is a dark blue with an iridescent purple (or purple on purple depending on the light). These two polishes could not be more different from one another and I am not only referring to color.

Sinful Colors “Gorgeous”

This is an incredibly thin nail polish that was hard to control. It just moved all over the place on the nail and for the most part I do not use a lot of polish on the wand when I am painting. It was really sheer too. Four coats later and I ended up with the results you see here.

My first color is "Gorgeous" which is a lovely blue.

If I had not purchased the two bottles at once I probably would not have purchased another. The color was beautiful but the application turned me off.

I paired it with a bright red accent on ring finger and thumb.

This polish didn’t seem to last very long either, it didn’t chip but it faded near the tips. (I used Revlon base coat and Julep Freedom top coat).

In this close up you can see the faint sparkles.

I paired this polish with the red Rendezvous from L’Oreal which is easily my most favorite red at the moment.

Sinful Colors “Let’s Talk”

This polish was the complete opposite. It was a nice consistency, stayed on where I put it and it only required two coats. I probably could have gotten away with one but there were a few peek-a-boo spots that needed to be covered up.

My second attempt was a very intense purple.

I used the same base and top coat with this color as I did with the blue and the polish stayed on much longer with no fading.

I definitely love this color more than the blue.

I think the color is amazing, I don’t think I have ever worn purple nail polish even though power purple is a favorite color of mine.

A close up of the purple.

The iridescence of this polish is so much fun; for the most part it is very purple but in some lighting it looks very blue.

This image shows how blue the polish can look under the right conditions.

Sinful Color can be found at drug and department stores as well as online at Amazon.

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