Unique Leggings

If you have wanted to try a pair of unique leggings check out Kalypso Blue, an online Etsy shop with unique printed leggings up to a size 2x. They have over 20 different prints/styles to choose from. I really like the high-waist options and wonder if they would stay up better.
Of the prints my absolute favorite are these skull print leggings ($25) but I like the black paisley ($25), crushed velvet ($25), color blocks ($30), and sparkly side strip leggings ($35) too.
Unique plus size print leggings from Kylypso Blue.
The shipping within the US is super reasonable at $6 but a bit ridiculous to Canada at $23. Check them out on Etsy.
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* Get your plus size unique leggings from Kalypso Blue

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