Felted Slippers

“OMG!” That is the first thing I said when I saw these adorable felted cat slippers (for adults) at Simplicity of Felt (Etsy). They were cute enough to draw me into their shop to see even more cuteness with bunnies and mice and owls.
These cute felted animal slippers are from Simplicity of Felt's Etsy shop.
Cuteness aside they also have pretty slippers like ones featuring lace, polka dots, and other shapes. Or just simple solids. Actually, forget what I said, they are pretty cute too.
These pretty felted slippers (lace, solids, prints) are from Simplicity of Felts.
You might see the word “wool” and think itchy but these slippers are felted “merino” wool which is quite soft. I’ve made socks and fingerless gloves from merino and have never had an itched caused by it. It seems to get softer with wear.
Simona, the shop owner, will make any size and depending on the style there are many colors to choose from. The adult sizes range in price from $60 to $90. Considering these cuties are coming from Lithuania the shipping is quite reasonable at $15. Slippers are made to order so approximately two weeks to make and depending on where you live another two to three for delivery.
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* Get your felted slipper from Simplicity of Felt

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