Cute Sport Swimwear

If you are looking for cute sport swimwear at a reasonable price Swimsuits for All has some really nice ones all in the $56 (and under) range that are chlorine resistant. Sport swimwear these days is not just black or navy (although those are still an option).
There are color blocking options:
Four of my favorite sport swimwear with color blocking.
The swimsuits with a black base are $42 and the red one is on sale for $28.
There are print options:
Four print sporty swimsuits that I like.
These range from $28 to $42.
And there are the alternative bottom options if you are really active in the water and/or need more coverage:
An even sportier look is the aquatard or short.
Both the aquatard and shortini are $51.
These are just the Aquabelle brand options, there are many others to choose from.
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* Get your plus size cute sport swimwear from Swimsuits for All

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