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Marie Denee — The Curvy Fashionista

Marie is a full-time Pro-Blogger from California who also happens to be plus size (16/18). She is the epitome of her blog’s tagline: curvy, confident, and chic. The Curvy Fashionista started out as a simple blog about fashion but has grown into a brand that covers the “latest in trends, designers, community news, and lifestyle topics”.
Marie Denee is a top plus size fashion blogger making a difference in the industry.
What is your greatest concern about online shopping? The shipping time, I am impatient and will most times opt for faster shipping, if I can! I want it now! BUT, even more than that, is the shipping costs–not expedite, but regular shipping. If you are a store that has regular physical locations and plus sizes is ONLY online, I expect shipping to be free and hassle free.
What is your greatest concern about shopping locally? The places to actually go! I usually find myself shopping online because of this!
What is your favorite store to shop locally? Nordstrom and Forever 21… honestly! I love Nordstrom for the options and selections… I can shop head to toe there! Forever 21 for last minute finds when I need something!
What are your top three online stores to shop? ONLY THREE!?! This will be hard!

ASOS Curve: They always have great pieces at great prices and a diverse array of fashion to match my many moods!

Simply Be: There is always something good here. I live on their site!

CarmaKoma: This range always brings the edge and uniqueness!

Your shopping weakness? RINGS and jewelry! I love rings and LOUD and big earrings! I have big hair, so I need my earrings to match!
Fave color: BLUE. or more like teal.
Fave trend: Black and White everything!
Three things your blog readers might not know about you are:

  1. I used to be a cheerleader. Like ESPN competition in college!
  2. I tend to be a homebody.
  3. I am a worrywart. I over think and worry a lot about nothing.

Please fly by The Curvy Fashionista and say, “hello!”

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