On my nails this Mirror Metallic Nail Polish shows every lump and bump in the nail bed.

Mirror Metallic Nail Polish

I tried my first “mirror metallic” nail polish from Essie’s Metal Collection. My choice was Nothing Else Metals which is a pale lavender chrome. Their metal nail polish line comes with five color choices the other four are: blue rhapsody, good as gold, penny talk, and no place like chrome.

On my nails is Essie's Nothing Else Metals nail polish.

I love the color. I like the thickness of the formula and how it applied but this is a formula that screams for a larger brush — Essie’s brush is so thin and I especially noticed it while applying this polish. It dries fast so there is no playing around with it. I was tempted to just use one coat but went with two.

It is a pretty rosy lavender with loads of sheen.

I am not a fan of the concept mainly because you have to have really pristine buffed nails as absolutely every lump and bump and groove and ridge shows up. I could see a lot that I didn’t even know was there or had I applied a regular polish.

It is very eye catching, maybe too eye catching because it shoes all natural texture of the nail.

I am all for a little buffing occasionally but really hate to do it because I have thin-ish nails to begin with and any sort of buffing causes splitting down the road if not done evenly. That being said, if you have nicely buffed nails there is a metal texture to the polish that reminds me of the texture of stainless steel.

I like the pink chrome color but not that it shows all my imperfections.

Later in the week I trimmed my nails and the polish really handled it well. It didn’t chip or crap and I was able to file and continue on for a few more days until I applied a glitter which totally wrecked the look.

Totally trashed the look by adding a glitter. At the time I thought it would break up the boldness when I was growing tired of.

I probably won’t buy another chrome/mirror polish but I can see myself using this one with some color blocking down the road.

Have you tried any metallic nail polish? Like or not?

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