The Perfect Bra

The gorgeous Reah Norman talks about the science behind getting the perfect bra fit in this four minute video for Lane Bryant. The video starts off with the usual introduction we are familiar with on band and cup size but around 1:41 we get some proper tips for different breast shapes (full, average, and shallow). From there the only real way to find the perfect fit is to try on a lot of bras, then try on more until you find your style. Once you find your style you are set (unless you drop or add some weight — then you have to do it again).

There are numerous styles to choose from going beyond the basic underwire or not as well as many colors to suit different personalities. If you want basic white or black they have that too. At the moment Lane Bryant’s Cacique section has select styles on for buy two get one free both online and in-store.
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* Get plus size Cacique bras from Lane Bryant

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