Choosing the Right Swimsuit

No one is just one body type. You have to prioritize which areas you want to accent and which areas you want to camouflage. I hate to use the term “problem areas” because it implies that a part of us is some how inadequate which I think in itself is more of a problem. Unfortunately when it comes to bathing suits we tend to think the worst. When you are shopping don’t let the negatives get the best of you. All of your parts are important. Accentuate what you have and please do not demoralize yourself.

Four Most Common Body Types:

Choosing swimwear for a round body type.ROUND
This body type tends to collect in the middle. The bust, stomach and lover abdomen carry most of the weight and the arms and legs are rather slim in comparison.
Swimsuit Suggestions: Try a one piece with a wrap or crossover v-neck. The lower neckline draws the eye away from the middle. The “Miracle Suit” has an excellent tummy control region to help slim the waist area.
Choosing swimwear for an hourglass body type.HOURGLASS
One of the most coveted body types is the hourglass figure. Someone with an hourglass figure has their chest and hips in proportion. The upper thighs and arms are fuller than above.
Swimsuits Suggestions: V-necks and waist cinchers help accentuate the curves. Shortinis look great on this body type.
Choosing swimwear for a triangle body type.
Anyone with narrow shoulders, small breasts and wide hips falls into this body type.
Swimsuit Suggestions: Tankini separates are good for this body type if you can find them sold in separates. That way you can pick a pattern for the top and a solid for the bottom to provide balance. You can also consider a swimdress or skirtini both of which have free flowing fabric around the hips and upper thigh.
Choosing swimwear for an inverted body type.
This body type is the exact opposite of the triangle. Instead of full hips, the breast area is full and the hips and thighs are quite small in comparison. The arms and legs are also slim.
Swimsuit suggestions: Because the breast area is heavier a swimsuit with an underwire helps provide shape. Avoid V-necks as this accentuates the chest and makes the wearer appear even more unbalanced. Go for high necks. It will probably be easier to go the tankini/skirtini/shortini route to avoid saggy butt one pieces. Tankinis pieces can be purchased separately so if you need a smaller size on bottom it’s possible.
Because swimsuits are more body conscious than regular clothing it is even more important that you get a suit that fits. Take your measurements and check out the shops size chart before ordering. Just because you are a size 16 in pants does not mean you need a 16 bathing suit. Measure to insure proper fit. There is nothing more unflattering than a chunky woman squeezed into a swimsuit that is too small. Happy Shopping!
Originally published 7/1/2007 at Large & Lovely, BellaOnline.

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