Torrid Does Halloween

This year Torrid has their largest selection of plus size Halloween costumes yet — 27 at my last count. They have the usual sex-pot ones but they also have a few unique ones I quite like.

Cleopatra Costume — this is the first time I’ve seen such an elaborate headdress. While it’s soft you’d still want to be careful walking through doorways and under decorations.
Plus size Cleopatra costume from Torrid.Wonder Woman Costume — this one comes in a comfortable looking skater dress with no fun accessories like cuffs or lasso. But still, it’s Wonder Woman and I love it.

Plus size Wonder Woman costume from Torrid.

Sugar Skull Costume — Before the internet and the Crafty Chica I was never exposed to sugar skulls but I love them. There are so many variations for make-up that even if you run into someone else wearing the same dress, you’re still entirely different.

Plus size Sugar Skull costume from Torrid.
Evil Queen — as in Maleficent from Disney. The costume doesn’t remind me of the movie but it’s pretty hot. Also looks like it would be hard to walk in. There are horns sold separately too.

Plus size Evil Queen costume from Torrid.
For other options you have: devil, batgirl, 80’s chic, traffic cop, Dorothy, cave girl, witch, sexy sailor, huntress, flapper, thief of hearts, lady bug, Snow White, Mad Hatter, and wicked wench. All their costumes come in duo sizing 1x/2x and 3x/4x. They range in price from $45 to $90 and sizes are selling out fast!

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