Testing LASplash's blowfish hot pink nail polish!

Blowfish Hot Pink Nail Polish

One of the first things I check when I get a new polish is the name of the color. If it turns out to be just a number I’m like, “Meh!” and may lose a little excitement but if there is a cute or witty name I am somehow a little more psyched to try it. Such was the case with LASplash’s Blowfish Hot Pink. I’ve never seen a hot pink blowfish but the image is amusing. The color turned out much bright and dare I say neon than I expected.

I was in the mood for hot pink nail polish and LASplash definitely fit the bill with their Blowfish Hot Pink.

I also found the formula very thick and hard to control. After two coats I had to use the top coat to fill in the unevenness I was left with. Great color though.

This is my first experience with LASplash. This hot pink nail polish came in my LASplash Top Box with two other colors (I haven’t had a chance to try them yet). Have you tried LASplash nail polish? What do you think of the hot pink color?

[Yes, my cuticles look like that. I have been working my way back from a year of ignoring them. They are actually in good shape considering what they’ve been through.]

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