A graphic depicting the traditional colors for bingo nail art along with numbers.

Bingo Pattern Nail Art Ideas

There are many steps in a woman’s beauty regimen, involving toners, creams, lotions and a whole bunch of other products to keep our hands, face, hair and the rest of our body in the best condition possible. A study posted on Women’s Health reveals that we spend about 55 minutes a day working on our face and hair alone, which does not even compare to the amount of time we spend on our manicures! Though some of us do not notice the time that goes into our nails since we end up turning our trip to the salon into a social gathering.

While it is nice to be waited on hand and foot (literally!), doing your own manicure is equally, if not, more satisfying, especially for those of us who have an artsy side. Having a home nail spa allows you to take creative liberties with your designs, letting you experiment with different colors, patterns and even textiles.

Over the years, we have seen some eccentric designs, including cable knit nails showcased on Mashable, but one pattern that many people have started to take an interest in are those that are bingo inspired.

For a while, bingo was nothing more than just a way to entertain people, but as the growth of online bingo communities flourished, fashion and beauty experts saw the positive influence the game could have on their respective industries. Other than Beauty Bingo events that rewarded attendees with an amazing salon and bingo experience combined, gaming operators often use make-up and shopping giveaways to increase gameplay as well as offer titles such as Make Over Magic on Iceland Bingo to solidify the strong connection between bingo and beauty.

Not sure where to start with your bingo nail look? First things first. Traditional bingo balls have five colors: yellow, green, red, blue, and white. There are a total of 75 numbers to choose from. The numbers are divided up as follows: B 1 to 15, I 16 to 30, N 31 to 45, G 46 to 60, and O 61 to 75. You can pick a number from each letter and put a different color on each nail or you can pick your favorite colors and limit yourself to two or three colors.

Traditional bingo balls have the following layer. Bright color, white circle, followed by a small letter above a larger number. Nothing says you have to follow this format. Go where your creativity leads you, or the size of your nail bed and length of your nails. Here is a basic layout to get your started:

Traditional bingo nail art using base colors and numbers on each finger spelling out the word.

If you don’t like the starkness of the surrounding colors you can add little white dots to break it up.

Bingo Nail Art patterns do require small paintbrushes and steady hands but do not let that keep you from trying. At the very least a dotting tool can be used to make the white circle then use a Sharpie to write in your letter and number. Or you can paint your nails one color and practice your favorite number on your thumb (like O clickety click — true bingo-aholics will know what that is). If these still appear too difficult for you to execute, you can always bring a picture with you the next time you have got an appointment with your nail esthetician.

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