First look of Loom Footwear Waterproof Sneakers in Black out of the box.

Loom Footwear Waterproof Sneakers Review

Profile image of black Loom Footwear  waterproof sneakers.
Black Waterproof Sneakers from

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The only waterproof shoes I have are Sloggers ankle boots. Sexy huh? I was sent a free pair of black Loom Footwear Waterproof Sneakers for review on

The Loom Footwear website’s main tagline is “we provide high quality waterproof sneakers designed for outdoor activities”. Over the last few weeks I have worn them about town while doing errands, walking the dog in the park, and after the first snowfall. I did not get a chance to wear them on a rainy day but I did experiment with a deep stinky puddle.

“Meant to tackle any setting – rain, mud, snow, slush – you name it.”

What Loom Footwear Sneakers Offer

According to, their sneakers are “city-appropriate and designed with outdoor activities in mind”.

As well as being waterproof, they are engineered with the following traits: breathable, anti-odor, lightweight, flexible, and earth friendly. To get a more in-depth information about each of these traits visit their website.

These shoes were designed by Innovation Works Limited with a head office in Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong. The shoes I received were shipped from Shenzhen, Guangdong China which is on the north border of Hong Kong. It took over three weeks for them to arrive to me in Canada.

The plastic envelope and box were a little damaged on the outside but inside everything was secure.

Looks like they had a rough journey but they arrived safely:

Colour, Style, Sizing

There are two colours to choose from: black or white. I have been told there is the possibility of more colours in the future but not in the next six months.

Their sneakers are a straightforward pull-on design with laces. Men’s sizes are available from 6 – 13 and women’s sizes are available from 5 – 11.


The listed price is $249.99 US. At the time of this post, these sneakers are currently on promotion for $99.99. And if you look around the website you will probably see an additional coupon (they gave me a 10% off code for readers, BGB10, but it cannot be used with other coupons found on the website).

Loom Footwear Review

I chose the black Loom Waterproof Sneakers for women in size 10. Mostly out of fear for the white footwear this time of year. Now that I have worn these for a few weeks I can see the fear was unwarranted; as you will see in my video below.

I have divided my experience with these shoes into a few categories: Appearance, Comfort, Performance, Durability, and Price.


The shoes I received are a nice matte black. I like the simplicity of these shoes. Just black and white, no extraneous labels. There appears to be a reflective strip on the heel tab but when I asked for confirmation, I was told there was no reflective material. The silver heel tab does however match with the shoelaces which are silver and black.

A closer look at these waterproof sneakers:

These shoes appear well made. There is no weird stitching, unevenness, or extra glue. Very clean.


There is a thin layer of removable merino wool cushion material for the insole. It is enough to make the shoes comfortable when I slipped my foot in, but I found after my first city hike, wearing them, my feet felt tired. This could be due to my current everyday shoes, a pair of pull-on Saucony, which have a little more softness to them.

If you are used to a more defined and supportive insole, then these probably are not for you. I believe there is room to add your own insoles, but I am not sure how that would affect the performance of the shoe.

The more I wore them the more comfortable they were. I felt stable standing and walking in these. I even walked on some river rocks and found the bottoms surprisingly flexible without being able to feel the individual rocks as I walked.

What did surprise me was no sweaty feet! I thought for sure because they are waterproof that there was going to be sweat but my feet have never overheated.

We had our first snowfall and I got a chance to wear them in -1°C. My toes were a little chilled but the shoes are still comfortable and there is enough space around the toes for wiggling around.


When I think performance I think of their waterproofing claim. Honestly, I did not believe in the waterproofing when I opened the box and saw the fabric on the shoes.

Loom Footwear Waterproof Sneakers are definitely waterproof! The water rolls right off them. I do not know how long it will last but I am told it could potentially wear off if you wash them in a machine (don’t do that). It is recommended to “rinse under water and spot clean” only.

When I went for a walk with Abby I saw an opportunity to test the waterproofing and I was not disappointed. Here is a video of me standing in a deep stinky mudpuddle totally amazed.

As you can see, they are totally waterproof. Not water-resistant, not water-repellant. Waterproof. My feet were completely dry afterwards.

I do wish they came up a little bit higher at the side because too deep of a puddle and the water is going over and in. It would also help with splash up when walking through wet grass.

Still, the waterproofing of these sneakers is very cool!


Here is where I ran into some issues. The body and sole of the shoe seem as durable as any other shoe of this type.

After the first few days of wearing them the rubber eyelets for the shoelaces began to tear. I do not tie my shoes particularly tight so I was surprised and kind of wondered why they were not reinforced in some way.

Close up of tear starting in the black Loom Footwear waterproof sneakers.
Shoe lace has started to tear through eyelet.

Jump to a few weeks later when I was getting ready for the first snow of the season and the shoelace broke right through the rubber eyelet. Not once, but twice! This was disappointing to say the least. There are extra eyelets, but I suspect the same thing will happen after a few wears.

Photo of eyelet completely ripped through by shoelace.
Shoe lace ripped right through while I was tying them.

A few days ago, I took the shoelaces out altogether and have been wearing them in and out with the dog. The side rubber flaps a bit and I will probably cut it off but I thought I would mention it. For a $249.99 sneaker, this is quite disappointing.

After this happened I decided to take a closer look at their Return Policy. In my opinion, their policy is a bit sketchy. “For sanitary reasons, returns and refunds are not accepted for Loom shoes that have been worn.” OK, that makes sense, sort of, I guess, given our current social climate. But it continues with, “We only replace items if they are defective and within 7 days of purchase.” That is not a good policy, in my opinion.

The Price

I would not pay the regular price of $249.99 for these shoes; but in fairness, I would not pay this amount for any sneaker. I think the price is more of a sign of marketing than a sign of value. Every time I have been at the website the shoes have been on sale in some form.

Don’t get me wrong, I love sales, sales are great. But for this waterproof shoe, I think what they are currently asking, around $99 plus a 15% discount code on the website bringing it down to $85, is more in line with their value.


Overall, I think the Loom Footwear Sneaker is a nice shoe. I have some concerns about how long the waterproofing lasts, if they are worn as an everyday shoe. I will keep wearing them through the winter slush season to see how they fair. The current waterproofing after a few weeks of wear is, in my opinion, amazing.

Photo of reviewer wearing Loom Footwear Waterproof Sneakers at doctor's appointment.
In waiting room at eye doctor.

They are comfortable enough for everyday wear, but I would not want to spend 8 to 12 hours in them. For daily excursions through the city and nature they are comfortable enough and they are much easier to put on than my rubber ankle boots.

I also like how stable my footing is in them. We had the first snowfall and I walked on some ice, hard snow, soft snow as well as partially melted ice. I had no problem on any surfaces and felt pretty safe.

Unfortunately, durability, for me, was an issue. Maybe it’s a one-off thing but I kind of find it hard to believe it would be. I’m not hard on my shoes by any means. The shoelaces have a rough texture and the rubber eyelets could not compete. This combined with their return policy would make it hard for me to recommend them.

Visit Loom Footwear to see what they have to offer.

Have you tried Loom Footwear Waterproof Sneakers?

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  1. I dont know yet about the quality of the shoes. But their customer service is horrible. Their policy is insane. refunds are not accepted for them. I would like to exchange my shoes in a smaller size they make it so complicated. I’m told that I will actually be responsible for paying for my own shipping costs for exchanging and returning my item. Once they receieve my return, they will then process my replacement. But don’t even bother to tell me how to return, how can I get a packing slip.. not at all. We have been emailing back and forth for 10 emails 🙁

    1. Sorry to hear about your experience. I mentioned in my review that their return policy was a “bit sketchy”. It definitely should not take 10 emails to deal with a return. Their return policy is definitely backward thinking in this day and age of online shopping. They definitely need to review it and come up with a better solution. Don’t give up, be persistent!

  2. Thank you for this honest review!! Saw these advertised on Facebook and they’re cheaper than Vessis with their current Memorial Day sale so I thought I might make the swap but I’ll stick with my Vessis after all! 🙏

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