November 2003

This month: My poem “Jaded Life” appeared in The Book Lover’s Haven, a e-newsletter at Chistell Publishing. 2000 subscribers are looking at my words! My poem “The Intruder”was published in the Umbrella, a local art magazine. Normally I would be thrilled by this but it is a piece I submitted well over a year ago….

October 2003

This month: Picked up the Fall issue of What’s Happening Magazine. My article and pictures of Glanmore Historic Site looks awesome. Three pages! I joined the National Association of Women Writers. Book Lover’s Haven, a publication of Chistell Publishing, will publish my poem “Jaded Life” in the October/November issue of their online newsletter. An impressive…

For a Time

Amphitrite meets me on the sandy beach in the early morn. She sits down beside me by the waters edge. The ebb of the water relaxes me. Her presence calms me as I clear my mind of obligations, hurts and wants. Her hand rests lightly on my shoulder. Here, I am me. No expectations and…


Testing 1-2-3

My article on whether I believe in the supernatural was published in FATE Magazine June 2003 Do I believe in the supernatural? The real question should be: do people believe in the accounts of others’ experience with the supernatural? I have my own experience with the forces that be, or so I’d like to think….

June 2003

This month: My story ‘Testing 1-2-3‘ appears in the June Issue of Fate Magazine! The results for Sol Magazine’s 2003 Poet Laureate are in. I placed honourable mention. Congratulations to the top three winners! To view the results and read my entry (starting on page 18) here is the adobe file of the 2003 Poet…