When You Have a Prompt, You Don’t Have an Excuse Not to Write.

Are you looking for The Write Prompts? Well, you are still in the right place. I have merged the content with my personal website BigGirlBlue.com.

It is a bit untidy at the moment. Like moving into a new home and someone else unpacked your boxes for you. I posted some of the links to prompts below.

The Write Prompts blog offered writing prompts for writers seven days a week. The prompts were geared toward journaling, blogging, fiction writing, non-fiction writing, and poetry.

You can still find over a 1000 writing prompts here under the following categories:

Journal Prompts – focus is on personal journaling.

Image Prompts – In this case an image really is worth a 1000 words, or 250, or 500. One image with no words.

Poetry Prompts – This writing prompt suggests a poetic form. I’m not a poetry teacher. It’s up to you to learn the form. Don’t worry I will provide a link to where you can quickly get the just of the form. Even if you don’t consider yourself a poetry writer it is fun to try and give yourself a break from your regular form.

One Word and Dirty Dozen Prompts – is combined under word prompts.

Continue On Prompts – offers a few lines of fiction to start you on your way.

Quote – Read a famous quotes from writers, philosophers and celebrities on every topic under the sun. They are great for self reflection in a journal or for spurring on a new character in a piece of fiction.