Maureen (Moe) Wood has been working from home for over ten years. As well as prompt writing she is the web master for this blog,,,, and her personal site She was one of BellaOnline’s Editors for ten years and has been featured on other websites and blogs.

Moe with short black is a sister site to The Write Prompts and has been in operation since 2002. She started off writing prompts for members, was gifted the Write Prompts Lens at Squidoo over six years ago and eventually developed this blog.

For fun she loves to read, crochet, pull the occasional weed from the garden, and practice her juggling skills. She has been married for nineteen years and shares her home with a few furry critters.

Ten Things You Might Not Know About Moe

  1. She watches too many zombie movies.
  2. She often dreams about ghosts and being possessed.
  3. She had 17″ cut off her hair in 2011.
  4. She loves chocolate (what writer doesn’t)
  5. She updates the Write Prompts blog every Sunday.
  6. She is mildly addicted to Angry Birds on her iPod.
  7. She was always better at math than spelling but more creative than scientific.
  8. She collects little Buddhas and bears.
  9. She does not know how to swim.
  10. She loves blue flowers.