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One of my favorite websites when I first came to the internet and writing was Writers Weekly, an e-zine for freelance writers. Owner and author, Angela Hoy has always offered a safe haven for writers to learn about the craft and the business of writing.

Writers Weekly offers a weekly email newsletter stuffed with writing related information for new and experienced writers. The newsletter starts off with a friendly, and usually personal note from Angela followed by letters to editor, a writing related article, an Ask an Expert section, Success Stories from readers, Whispers and Warnings from writers, fresh writing related Markets and Jobs, a listing of writers looking for topic related interviewees, the latest writing books from booklocker.com and courses from the Writers Weekly University.

One of the best features of Writer’s Weekly, has always been Angela’s tenacity for going after scammers on the prowl for newbie writers. She shows no mercy as evidenced by the forum threads dedicated to exposing guilty parties. This is a must stop section when checking out the site.

I recently participated in Writers Weekly 24 hour contest after many years absence. I signed up not expecting to do any better; but to put myself through, what I think is, an ultimate writing challenge. A topic is given on the designated day and you’re required to produce a juicy short story within 24 hours. I really enjoyed this challenge the first few years I participated and it’s still just as nerve racking. I highly recommend trying it.

While the website has changed in it’s original format over the years it still offers quality information.

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