Cover Girl Outlast Lipstain Review

Cover Girl’s new Outlast Lipstain is available in ten shades and retails for about $7.49 at drug and department stores. For the last two and half weeks I’ve been testing Berry Smooch which is a deep pink with blue undertones. Berry-Smooth-Lipstain
The very first day I suffered from shopping excitement and was absolutely smitten with this product. If you have never used a lipstain it definitely takes some getting used to if you are a die-hard lipstick user. After the initial application I couldn’t feel it on my lips. The stain gave my lips that kool-aid stained look — except more precise.
Covergirl-LipstainThe lipstain is applied with a felt tip like nib. I’ve found the best way to put it on is quickly, by covering the fleshy part of the bottom lip first then mushing the lips together to spread to upper lip. It dries quickly and can have poor results if there is no lip mushing to spread it around. If only one coat is used I find it very natural looking and this particular color made my teeth look really white. Multiple applications produce a richer color. The Cover Girl Outlast Lipstain is matte so if you want shiny you’ll need to add some gloss. I also noticed a slight fruity scent which is pleasing.
As for longevity, I was able to remove the lipstain from my lips with make up remover (a faint glow was left over) but the testers on my hand were virtually irremovable until the next day. I wasn’t doing much the first day and the lipstain seemed to last at least six hour gradually fading allover. But since then it’s about three or four hours if my lips are active (drinking, eating etc).
I don’t think this product is for everyone. Especially the die-hard lipstick users. I really like it though. It gives a natural look on days I’m not wearing a full face. And for someone whose lips tend to blend into the rest of her face, this is a great implement.
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