Double Stars

Two of my older lenses were awarded purple stars this week. The first is kind of a strange lens. I can’t remember why I made it in the first place and it wasn’t incredibly popular until the beginning of this year. I’m talking about the Megan Fox Tattoo lens. It’s a basic lens with very little information other than a listing of images depicting the actress Megan Fox’s tattoos. But I like to think it is well laid out and looks nice. It’s the only lens I have that has made it into the #1 lens spot (about the time when Transformers II came out) and stayed there for a few weeks. It has been a very productive lens. There is a poll on it that has registered over 17000 entries.

The other lens I made about this time last year. It highlights the major/favorite places online to find Plus Size Halloween Costumes. As you can imagine it is one of those lenses that is more popular at certain times of the year than at others. It is one of my personal favorite lenses.

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