Plus Size Print Spring Dresses

Nordstrom has a fabulous collection of plus size dresses that scream spring and romance from designers such as Calvin Klein, Adrianna Papell, Robbie Bee and Donna Morgan. Here are four of my favorites. They all range in size from 14 to 24.

Plus Size Patterned Dresses from Nordstrom

What I love about them: The pattern on the Calvin Klein totally elongates. Although you can’t see it from this picture the Adrianna Papell dress has these incredible pleats that don’t just run from shoulder to knee but crisscross across the bust. I love the watercolor look of Robbie Bee’s pattern and it has a nice A-line to it (the ribbon I’m not so hot about). And the Donna Morgan dress is just cute and I like coneflowers.
Happy spring!
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  1. What lovely choices! Very colorful, perfect for the warmer weather. The Adrianna Papell dress particularly is pretty and seems very figure flattering.

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