Completing the Geisha Costume

In recent years the Geisha costume has been made popular with the success of book turned movie Memoirs of a Geisha. Plus size clothing suppliers have made it easy for you to be a talented Japanese entertainer too.
Buy Costumes has a few styles of plus size Geisha costumes that fits up to size 22. But my favorite is the traditional looking one (pictured right) which includes a beautiful red kimono, obi (sash worn with kimono), slip dress, fan and wig. It’s actually quite economical. All you would need to accessorize is a pair of white socks and flip flops which could be purchased from the dollar store. At the time of this posting they were selling it for $36.99.
One of the most important parts of the geisha costume is the make-up. For a traditional look the face must be painted a smooth white, the lips a deep red and the eyes and brows elegantly defined with black.

Here is a twelve minute video of a woman applying Geisha make-up to give you an idea of how your makeup should look. Buy Costumes has a Geisha make-up kit for only $4.99 (use their search box to find):

Be sure to practice applying your make-up a once or twice before the big night so you can get a better feel for how to apply it and can make adjustments after you see how it wears after a few hours.
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