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Letter Writing Prompts

Letter writing has become a lost art with the onslaught of email and instant messaging. Writing letters in your journal is an excellent way to re-master the art of connecting with others in a contained format. It’s also a great method of working through your thoughts, delve into the past and converse with people without sending a message.

Here is a week’s worth of letter prompts: letter writing

Day One: Write a letter to a childhood friend you have lost touch with.

Day Two: Write a letter to a dead relative.

Day Three: Write a letter to yourself as a child.

Day Four: Write a letter to the President.

Day Five: Write a letter to a woman you respect.

Day Six: Write a letter to your favorite author

Day Seven: Write a love letter.

Responses are not meant to be one sentence answers, elaborate on your answers. Meditate, reflect and enjoy. You can find more writing prompts at The Write Prompts blog.

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