Getting the Cleopatra Look

This year Buy Costumes has three plus size costumes for the Egyptian Queen ranging in price from $40 to $80 (not including any discounts you may find on their site).
My absolute favorite is the Queen of the Nile which is new this year. I like it because it gives the Queen a darker look than we have seen in the past and I love the details put into the cape, neckline and waist band. The costume kit includes dress, cape, collar, and headpiece. It is currently available in 2x and 3x.
plus size Queen of the Nile costume from Buy Costumes
As I mentioned Buy Costumes has a few, the traditional white Goddess of the Nile is very pretty but something tells me there may be some concern with the the sheerness of the white so proper undergarments would be a must. The Egyptian Jewel in teal is gorgeous too but I think it might make it awkward to go up stairs and sit comfortably. But both costumes come in separate sizing of 2x or 3x.
plus size cleopatra costumes from Buy Costumes

Channelling Elizabeth Taylor

If you want to channel Elizabeth Taylor, one of the best movie icons of the Nile queen, then the best way to do that is with the make-up –perfectly detailed for you by Pixie-woo:

And in case you have not seen Cleopatra with Liz Taylor here is the trailer. Scroll through to see the different costumes she wears as well as the changes in hair and make-up.

But, “What about the jewelry?”, you ask. I was just over at Etsy and they have a huge selection of Eqgyptian inspired pieces sold separately if you want to make your own or already transformed if you are not feeling crafty — there is a huge range of prices and styles to choose from.
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