Halloween Nail Art

The past few weeks I have been playing with Halloween Nail Art courtesy of a great how-to video on YouTube that I have been watching over and over. So far, I have completed three of the five designs created by the fabulous Miss Jen. I don’t think I will get the other two done before Halloween, to give you enough time to practice, in case, you want to try them yourself.

Frankenstein’s Monster

Of them all, this one is my favorite. Frankie, as I like to call him, is so cute and the stitches on the accompanying nails are super easy. For the green Frankenstein skin I used Julep Fiona nail polish.

Frankenstein Nail Art

Dracula’s Blood

This one required a little more effort but the bloody nails results are awesome, if I do say so myself, and I do. Dracula turned out OK but the best part are his coordinating bloody eyes. For the nail polish I used Julep Bunny and Julep Myrtle.

Dracula and dripping blood nail art for Halloween.

Gothic Skulls

While I found this one to be the hardest of the three, the results are charming. For me, the challenge was the repeating pattern for each nail and getting over having them all look exactly alike. It just was not going to happen. At least, not this year. This nail art design looks interesting right side up or upside down.

Black and white gothic skull nail art pattern.

I enjoyed practicing all three of these nail art designs and can definitely see me attempting them again in subsequent years. I adore Frankie, and really want to perfect my Dracula hair and skull consistency.

Here is Miss Jen’s fabulous how-to video to get you on your Merry Halloween nail art journey:

These are so fun and worth your time, I was so happy with the results. Have you tried any Halloween Nail Art yet this season? What was your favorite?

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