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Summer Hair Care (Psst… Waxing)

I have been pretty open with the fact that I wax my upper lip; well, I don’t wax it, I pay someone else to do it. But that is as far as I go. No eyebrow, waxing, no armpit waxing, and definitely no Brazilian waxing. And it is not just because of reasons like Christine Lakin’s Holiday Wax Nightmare although as you will see in a minute it is a good reason not to wax your feminine parts.

Thanks to Christine I am definitely firm in my belief that hair down there is even more acceptable than it was before — to each her own. Now back to my other lips… I’ve been using Inhibitif which I found makes waxing my lip a little more bearable. So much so I decided to try waxing my upper lip myself instead of going to the salon — sometimes it’s just a pain (har har) to go across town for less than a fifteen minute appointment.
When I was at Sally Beauty last week I was checking out their waxing section and came across GiGi Microwave Sensitive Tweezeless Wax for facial hair. It was about $8 and the associate said I could get a few lip waxes out of it. Cool.
Wax Night: I had to bring a mirror into the kitchen because that is where we keep the microwave. I followed the directions and heated the wax for 15 seconds and went to stir it — rock hard. Nuked it for another 15 seconds — still rock hard. This went on for three more tries before I finally went up to 30 second intervals and felt like I was getting somewhere. Finally I had a pliable enough wax to start applying it to my upper lip. The actual waxing wasn’t too bad. I was able to control how much and where unlike when someone else does it. The downside, no bathroom lighting and having to put it back in the microwave after each attempt. The container — a total mess — and I can’t see me getting another use of it because the wax really did not cooperate.
My attempt at some summer hair care.
One of the things I remember seeing in the wax isle was a wax tub for melting wax and I have to admit that plugging a little heating tub in the bathroom seems like an attractive option at about $45. I could stay in the bathroom and heat up the wax whenever I wanted. But I am undecided and think I will try some other self-waxing options first.
As luck would have it a rep from Nad’s (“Australia’s favorite hair removal brand”) emailed me this morning with some tips from the founder Sue Ismiel. And while I haven’t tried the product yet (it is available in the U.S. and Canada) I thought I would share her tips with you in case you are thinking of doing a little summer hair care yourself.

Sue’s General Guide to Waxing

  1. Clean and dry the area to be treated. Ensure all oils, makeup and moisturizers are removed.
  2. Apply wax slowly in the direction of hair growth
  3. Firmly smooth over strip 3-4 times
  4. Quickly remove strip holding skin taut in opposite direction to the hair growth.

Home Hair Removal Methods/ Tips

  • The quicker you pull the strip back the more effective the hair removal. Don’t forget to hold the skin taut and pull the strip back as close to the skin as possible. Bruising may be a result of not holding your skin taut.
  • On some parts of your body, like for example your underarms or your center brow, hair can grow in different directions. Always assess carefully before applying the wax.
  • Make sure the hair is at least 3-5mm long; otherwise the hair may not be removed.
  • Check that you are not perspiring or that your body is too hot (i.e. if you have just come out of the shower) as this will prevent the wax from adhering to the hair effectively.
  • Try to avoid waxing just before or during your period. Your skin is really sensitive during this time.
  • For optimal results, exfoliate your skin no sooner than eight hours before hair removal and 48 hours after. Exfoliating helps remove dead skin cells and maintain vital skin health. It also helps minimize ingrown hairs.
  • It is normal for the skin to appear red after waxing. Remove any residue then soothe your skin following hair removal with a cooling aloe vera, this helps to soothe and calm the skin after hair removal. Can be used daily as soothing moisturizer.
  • If you breakout or suffer skin irritations after facial waxing, apply a cold compress immediately after waxing. If the redness is still noticeable apply calming Aloe Vera Gel which will help to reduce redness and irritation after hair removal. To prevent breakouts, apply an antibacterial lotion to the skin after waxing. Nad’s Ingrown Solution is perfect as it contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients.
  • Ensure your skin is held taut before removing the backing strip
  • Ensure you pull off the strip close to the skin rather than upwards
  • Ensure the hair length is at least 3-5mm long

Do you wax at home, at a salon, never?
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  1. I’ve found that if I work the wax back into the container while it’s pliable that I do get several waxes out of one tub. While my preference is to have my brows and lips done professionally, sometimes life happens and I’m too busy.
    For super busy? Cold wax strips. They don’t get as much hair as the kind of wax you heat, but they do help groom brows quickly. My upper lip is peach fuzz, so I can bleach that using a lip bleaching kit before showering.

  2. Hi Shala,
    I couldn’t get the wax back in the container. With each reheating the edge stuff would get hard and I could only scoop out the center stuff. I’m going to try using the jar again but I am doubtful. 😉
    I picked up some cold wax strips by Neet to try. I wish I could just bleach — mine is already blonde.
    Thanks so much for sharing your hair care regimen.

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